Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heads up!!!

What's that old saying "Two heads are better than one"...well how about 9.  Yup, this is what I've been working on this weekend.  I've got about 100 or so more to go.  Then I have to work on the bodies, arms, and legs.  I'm hoping to get them done this week, if not stuffed at least cut out and sewn together.
I've got a couple of bodies done, just to see what they looked like and what I could do.  I think these are okay, but I'll need lots more.  The best part though is the clothes and accessories.  Once I get to that they will really come to life.  And don't forget the faces.
Well back to work now, just wanted to give you a sneak peak.  I'll be back next weekend with another update.  See you soon "so to speak".  Let me know what you think, look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Wow Marcy, they are going to be great! I don't know if I could do 100 of them though.I get bored of the same thing so I switch around to different crafts. Is this a pattern of yours?
    Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

  2. Thank you Jean. I've got 17 that I'm sewing right now, then I have to stuff them. My plan is to do them in pieces and I'll get more done that way. I as well get bored doing the same thing over and over, but I've made a commitment to do this fair in November and I'm going to stick to my guns. I'm making these using different tips that I've gotten from different designers. They've all been so nice about giving me tips and every little bit helps. Thank you again...