Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember what Memorial Day means...

Happy Memorial Day to everyone, especially to the troops both here and abroad who have given their everything to protect our USA.  Click here and go to Operation Write Home Bloggers Circle.
Celebrate this holiday by helping heroes keep in touch with home.
If you have ever had a family member in the service, or know someone who is or has been, take the time to check out this blog, you'll be glad you did.
My prayers are with the families, who's loved ones have been lost to this war and to those still fighting thru it, to those who have been injured and who's lives will be changed forever because of it.  To those families who's loved ones have come home however, still a part of them not able to forget the devastation they have seen.  We are blessed that you were there for us.  You are all heroes and will always be remembered as such.  God Bless the USA.

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