Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's growing up....

Jordan has just graduated from the 5th grade and will be moving up to the Middle School in September, leaving his little sister to finish what he started.  He is my first grandchild and not that I'm partial but he's always been special.  He's at that age now where he is ready to venture on his own and doesn't want to hold grammy's hand anymore.  Has his own friends and interests and grammy is put on the back burner.  Do I sound sad, oh I am, but I'm enjoying that I can watch him grow up and know that even though I love him so very much, I don't have to raise him, that's his mom's job and she has done a very good job of it.  She's a single mom, who works as a substitute teacher and goes to college where she is majoring in psychology.  It's tough for her making ends meet sometimes but she's found a way to balance family, work, and school so that she can be there for her children and to be able to provide them with everything that they need.  She's strict with their upbringing and grammy sometimes puts a kink in things because, I like to spoil them.  To be able to give them what I couldn't have as a child and what I couldn't give their mom when she was growing up.  Mom does pull the strings though, if mom says no, then grammy has to back off.  Mom does know what's best but, boy is it hard sometimes.   I didn't have the relationship with my children that my daughter has with hers.  That is something that I'll never be able to change as you can never turn back the clock, but I thank god every day that I have her and her children to remind me that there is life after being a mom and it's being a grammy, it's the best job in the world", next to being a mom that is....I love you Nykki, Jordan, and Katy!!!!

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